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Well, as usual, I am a little behind schedule on resolutions. Last years resolutions went fairly well and I’ll ad more info later. Angels for Anna had a good year and partnered with Cincinnati Children’s Home Care for their department service project. Their generous donations will supply many “Parent Packs”. We are VERY HAPPY to announce that Angel’s for Anna has been selected as the recipient of Harman Elementary School’s Community Service Project! These students and their families will also be supplying items for “Parent Packs” and “Doing Something Nice, for Someone Else. The packs are bags (which are sewn by Angels for Anna Volunteers) which provide the basics needed for an unplanned hospital admission; for an adult. As we had several unplanned admissions, we saw a need and opportunity for help. When our kids are admitted to the hospital, generally, their needs are very well met. As “grown ups” we aren’t quite as well covered. Sure you can sleep in your work clothes you had on as you were notified that your child was headed to the emergency room and you rushed to meet them there. No time to swing by the house to pick up the “go bag” as the ER staff asks if you would rather ride in the ambulance or the helicopter as you are being sent to the tertiary referral center. You can use the hand soap or small bottle of baby shampoo to get “cleaned up”. Your finger with a bit of toothpaste supplied to your child can “work” as a toothbrush. And then, you can wear the same clothes you have had on for the past 24 hours. A “Parent Pack” provides a blanket, shirt, PJ pants, fuzzy socks, shampoo, conditioner, bodywash/soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, and lotion. Hopefully this allows for a little better night and day. All of us recognize the need for a shower. As a parent of a child in the hospital it goes a step further. A shower is a brief escape. It allows you to recenter yourself and prep for the day. I typically would shower between 4:30 and 5:00am. Rounds could start as early as 5:30 with the residents, then senior residents, then fellows, then attendings. A s a parent you typically want to be awake and ready to go for these activities. In our case, as the hospital staff didn’t know a lot of ASL (American Sign Language – Anna’s method of expressive communication [She was able to hear and understand English with her cochlear implant]) we needed to be able to assist with communication and Anna would typically be sleeping during these early morning hours; the perfect time for showering. The shower is possibly the most important part of the day in the hospital. As a parent you want to be strong for your child; you don’t want them to see how nervous, concerned, etc. you are. You want them to see your Love and not your fear of what the coming day holds. You want to comfort them while you are are trying to “absorb” the stress of their condition in an attempt to make them feel better. The shower is your chance to let that out. The shower is the chance to cry and have it wash away (kids for the most part hate to see their parents cry); the chance to feel clean after having been in a small room for the past 24 hours; the chance to start fresh on the new battles you will be facing that day.

The 2014 resolutions will be posted shortly. I, need to get myself ready as I am heading to Ecuador this morning an a medical mission trip. Last year our team provided care to over 3500 individuals and we hope for an even larger opportunity to serve this year.

Angels for Anna’s second Annual Birthday Bash Dash – A Walk and Roll (and run) Adventure is tentatively scheduled for May 17th with the run starting at 5. A Party to follow. More details to follow but……….it will be a “Super” time to think of “What’s Your Superpower”!

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