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Today marks the last day of 2012. A year that for us was a rather difficult one. Even so, in the difficulty of the year – we were blessed. We were able to hold Anna as she was transferred for her daddy’s arms to her Fathers. We were able to keep her comfortable as we told her we Love her and we said our earthly goodbyes. As I type this, there is a gentle snow fall outside the window. The pure white of the snow makes everything new again. Our Christmas lights reflected by the ice crystals, shining in a way that would make Anna happy. This is a necessary season as the freezing/thaw cycle is required to bring about new growth in the spring (when approximately 1000 bulbs, planted by Angels for Anna will be appearing). Throughout this season (winter, Christmas, New Years) we are given the opportunity for a re-do. We are forgiven and can start over. In that spirit I am going to list some resolutions for the New Year. I also figure if I list them in a public place – I had better do my best to keep them! Some of them are for Angels for Anna and some are for me. I hope those reading this can work with us to make the Angels for Anna resolutions true.

2013 Resoultions

  1. Do Something Nice, for Someone Else, Every Day

  2. Prepare and distribute at least 3 meals for the Ronald McDonald House – Dayton (Cincinnati has coverage almost every night of the year, due to their larger size. Dayton is often in need)

  3. Put on the best fun run possible with the “Anna’s Birthday Bash Dash” May 18, 2012 with party to follow.

  4. Have Angels for Anna grow to 1000 “Likes” on Facebook

  5. Participate in a medical mission trip (already scheduled but I’ve wanted to do one for a long time so I’m listing in anyway!)

  6. Throw more parties. Anna loved parties and our house is set up nicely for them. It also gives me the opportunity to put people to work making Angels for Angels for Anna

  7. Organize my 1/3 of the closet (and maybe stretch it out to 1/2 of the closet)

  8. Bike at least 1000 miles

  9. Drink less soda and more tea (and wine – see also #6)

  10. I need to get one in regards to fitness and health (besides more wine) so decrease pants size by 4 inches and follow up with physicians, dentists, etc as I know I should)

  11. When I know someone is in need – just help. I resolve that instead of telling someone -” just let me know what you need/what I can do to help”. I will just help (bring dinner, mow a lawn, shovel a driveway or sidewalk, do whatever).

  12. Donate blood. I am a relatively healthy individual and resolve to donate at least 1/2 gallon of blood this year (that is only 4 donations).

We currently have supplies to make approximately 1100 Angels so we will be in need of having an Angel party in the relatively near future. We also are beginning the large phase of locking in the plans for the Angels for Anna Birthday Bash Dash. The run is planned for the evening of May 18th with a flat and fast 5k course. It will head south on McKewen, east on Peachcreek, through the plat, south on Garnet, back to Peachcreek and McKewen. A party is planned for after the race with live music and a DJ. Prizes will be awarded for costumes and enthusiastic participation at the dance and party afterwards.

Out with the old and in with the new. Here is to a great 2013. Thank You for your support throughout this year

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