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Time for an update on the plans for the second annual Angel’s for Anna Birthday Bash Dash

This year’s theme is……………..


What’s Your Superpower?!

We, of course, would like everyone to attend in costume (and we recognize that some Superheros remain anonymous – most likely out of fear – but overcoming a fear can be your superpower).

We invite all participants to determine what their superpowers may be. Wear something to show off your superpower. Or, wear something to show off what superpower you would like to have.

Most of us likely think that we don’t have a superpower. All of us however, have the ability to have a superpower.

Anna had multiple superpowers: She could talk without making any sound (She communicated primarily by American Sign Language), She could make almost anyone smile, She could read with her fingers (I know most of you have tried this – While you are going through the drive thru ATM, while wondering “Why are people who read by Braille driving to begin with” and you realized that reading Braille is indeed a superpower!) and She, despite being blind, could see much more clearly than anyone else I have known (With her visual deficits, Anna was not biased based on looks, color of your skin, brand of clothing, hairstyle, etc – for her, things were simple – either a nice person or not!).

My Superpowers; not nearly as cool. I can take a ferrous compound and transform it into hemoglobin which can save the lives of others. We all do this, I just tried to make it sound like a superpower.

If you are a Mom or Dad – you have superpowers. If you are a student – you have superpowers. If you try to “Do Something Nice, for Someone Else, Every Day; you have superpowers.

Join us on May 17th to let the world know – What’s Your Superpower?!

We will hopefully have this years logo available soon. We are contacting businesses for sponsorship opportunities – If you know anyone who would like to be a sponsor – Please let us know. Any connections for donations? Please let us know!

Additionally we hope to have some initial sketches of the proposed Angels for Anna facility in the next several weeks (and at the Birthday Bash Dash). We are planning on this facility being the only comprehensive pediatric rehabilitation facility in the area. The planned facility will integrate aquatic, physical, speech, occupational, equestrian, animal, and life therapies under several roofs. An engineering team will design and build items for life enhancement with input from patients, families, therapists and health providers. We plan on a gym for parents to get in a workout while their child is undergoing therapy. Parents will have opportunities to participate in therapies so they may continue to assist their kids when they are away from the therapy gym. Open gym and pool time will be available as benefits for therapies are cut short as insurance companies seek to optimize their profits. Comfy gathering rooms will allow for meeting areas for various support groups. We envision a small cafe where individuals can gain “real life work experience” and patrons can get something to eat. Produce grown in the garden/farm area will be non-enhanced and pending organic certification (this process takes awhile -hence-pending certification) and will be used in the cafe. An accessible path will cruise through a memorial garden, celebrating the lives of those who have gone before us. Spots for quiet reflection(or some Vitamin D synthesis) will be available for an often much needed mental break. Opportunities for volunteers will abound with something for everyone. A gift shop will feature items made by artisan participants at the facility

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